Module 2:

Work Relationships 

Step 1:  Watch the video

People with ADHD tend to be overly sensitive. Sometimes that’s good, and sometimes that’s not so good.  We are, generally speaking, more prone to getting our feelings hurt than non-ADHDers are.  This phenomenon, noted by ADHD expert, Dr. William Dobson, is referred to as Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria. Download and fill out the template below and see how you can improve relationships in your life.

Step 2:  Click on red button to download Relationships Inventory, then print and fill out the template without overthinking your responses.  It may take some time; you don't need to do this all in one sitting

Step 2A:  Upon completion (or near completion) of Relationship Inventory, click tan button to share what you learned during this process. Note:  Do not send in your filled-in inventory; this assignment is for your personal growth only

As a result of our sensitivity to people, events and circumstances often we find ourselves in the state of emotional overwhelm where we start "acting out" or behave not in accordance with socially accepted rules and expectations. The following interactive activity is designed to test how well you manage social situations at work. Have fun!

Step 3: Complete the Interactive Activity below

The template below is created to help you deal with "emotional overwhelm". Download it and follow the strategies and watch your relationships improve. 

Step 4:  Click on the red Emotional Overwhelm Reports Templates button to download, print, and fill in templates. 

Step 4A:  Submit at least one incident report via the green button.  Either Print and scan, take a photo of, or edit as a Word document, and email it to me at

Step 4B:  Click on tan button to submit comments on the Emotional Overwhelm Report exercise

Whew!!!  You did it.  You got through Module 2 -- Congratulations!!  When your
course facilitator gives you the go-ahead, you can begin Module 3.