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A Brilliant Mess Coaching Agreement

This agreement specifies the coaching arrangement between _______________ (client) and Merle Kaplan (coach).


We agree to meet for four 50-minute weekly sessions. Ideally, these sessions will be held weekly, although there may be times when, due to scheduling constraints, these coaching sessions may be spread out over a longer time period than four weeks. It is generally not recommended, though, to spread these initial four  sessions out longer than two months; coaching works better when the appointment times and the space between sessions is consistent.  Especially in the beginning when the coach/client relationship is new and taking shape. 

The client may reschedule sessions, provided the coach is given at least 24 hours notice beforehand.  In the event that the client requests to cancel and reschedule a session that falls within the 18-hour period before a scheduled session, the determination of whether or not the client is financially responsible for the canceled session will be left to the coach's discretion. If the coach needs to cancel a session within a short time frame, that session will be rescheduled.  In either case, an effort will be made to facilitate communication during a missed week.

As per the agreement, at the currently discounted rate, which will remain in effect through September 2024, the client agrees to pay $220 for each 4-session package of coaching, $430 for each 8-session package, or $200 per month if the client opts for a subscription rate. Subscriptions are set up as automatic electronic payments; the transfer of funds will occur on the same day of the month for subsequent months that they were initially established on. After the first month, subscriptions may be canceled at any time, and the client will be refunded the balance for any unused sessions.

The commitment to coaching is made on a monthly basis; however, an initial three-month commitment is requested (3 consecutive months.)  It is important to note that real and significant change usually happens over a period of time. Client and coach will review partnership at 3 months.

The client understands that this is a goal and action oriented progam, and not therapy or counseling.  The coach will not advise the client (i.e, tell client what to think or do) at anytime during the coaching relationship.  Attention to the goals and actions the client chooses in the coaching sessions--and to implement those goals and actions--are an important part of this endeavor.  It is the coach's job to focus the collective attention of the coaching team on the values, intentions, and goals that the client deems important.  All communications/information between coach and client will be held in complete confidence.

Coach may, during the course of the coaching agreement, pursue further credentialing as a professional coach from a nationally recognized credentialing organization, which includes sending a log of applicable client hours as part of the process. Occasionally a credentialing assessor may contact one of two clients to ask about their experience in coaching (though never about thr actual content of the coaching). Credentialing organizations observe strict confidentiality in this matter; this information is never released to anyone else.  Your signature at the end of this letter gives me permission to include your name in this log.

The starting date of this coaching relationship is May 21, 2024.

What's A Brilliant Mess ADHD Coaching About?

Functionality You Will Love

ICF-Style Coaching for ADHD

ADHD Coaching is Life Coaching...

The crux of the coaching work and client growth happens during the "coaching conversation." This is not chit-chat, nor it it therapy.

Coaching is a dynamic partnership formed between a skilled listener (the coach), and the client, who is viewed as a naturally creative, resourceful and whole individual. The coach helps the client gain clarity on what seems fuzzy, confidence in one's ability to meet tough challenges by reframing faulty conclusions. 


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