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Daily Life Laboratory

Do you feel there's some elusive reason why you just can't stay on top of certain things in your life?  You can't figure out what you're doing that's not working. Something you're doing (or something you're allowing others to do) keeps you from seeing your self-defeating patterns clearly. 


Wouldn't it be great if you had a detailed record of your good and not-so-good days so you could see and understand what works and what doesn't? 


What if you could hire a team of scientists to observe and analyze your day-to-day behaviors and tell you that, for example, whenever you eat a certain food you tend to feel frustrated and lazy, and conversely, you always accomplish more when you eat a certain other food?  Or that whenever you talk to a certain person you tend to have a great day, but whenever you have a conversation with a certain co-worker you feel particularly discouraged, even though you like that person?  

Wouldn't your life be easier if you had a record of what works and what doesn't work for you, so you could stop all the guesswork?

Well, now That's possible.  THE DAily life laboratory is a simple program that works like this:  Each day (Monday through Saturday) you will receive a 7-minute Check-in call at the same established time each day,  You will Answer a few simple questions about the prior or upcoming day's events to establish a "Baseline" of Your moods, activities, attitudes, etc.  

This data will be charted and studied for patterns that might be helpful for you to recieve feedback on--from a person other than yourself--so you can gain better awareness and, as a result, you'll have more tools to help you manage your ADHD.  Sounds great, right?  

If you're interested in registering for The daily life laboratory or learning more, Please email us at merlekaplan@abrilliantmessadhd.comtyping "Daily Life laboratory" into the subject line. 

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