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Let's Tidy Together!

It's no secret that many of us with ADHD fight a losing battle with managing our household chores.  We simply don't feel like doing them.  Not right now.  Maybe tonight.  Maybe tomorrow...

And yet, sometimes, miraculously, we spend several hours or days cleaning and organizing our homes.  Perhaps we're having people over and we don't want them to see how we really live.  Or maybe we're just tired of the mess and we roll up our sleeves and do something about it.  We work hard to make it look decent, but we'll likely go through the same cycle in a few weeks, if not mere days.

Why? Because we struggle with CONSISTENCY. It's kind of an all-or-nothing mindset for many of us with ADHD.  We're good at straightening things up for awhile, then we're not so good again.  And to some extent, we probably can't help it; this is how we're wired.

Let's stop the inconsistency and do this together.  Every evening, Monday through Friday from 8:45 until 9:15 (CST) -- just a half-hour each night. We'll convene on Zoom to talk for a few minutes, then we'll tackle our household tidying chores for enough time to make a difference, but not so long that it's awful. Then we'll talk some more and say goodnight. We'll have so much fun!!

We will NOT be doing any serious organizing either.  That's ANOTHER topic altogether (and another series of Zoom sessions to be unveiled soon).  These evening sessions are strictly for the mindless tidying we know we should do but would prefer to avoid.  Together we'll be doing fascinating things such as, but not limited to:









We will also NOT be making any big decisions either.  No burrowing through boxes or drawers, figuring out what to do with this or that item.  If you've got piles of stuff everywhere, we're not going to be going through them.  Instead we'll gently stack the piles neatly, like a housekeeper might do. Of course, we may want to move the pile from the floor if it's in the way AND if there's a better place for it--but that's as far as it goes.  Again, just mindless tidying and light cleaning.

One more thing: There will be a few minutes at the end to get a BRIEF to-do list ready for the next day.  Then you'll be ready to enjoy the rest of your evening, worry-free, with all your chores done.

So, what's not to like??  C'mon, sign up and join us!!

8:45pm - 9:15pm, Monday 8/10/20 through Friday 8/28/20
8:45pm - 9:15pm, Monday 8/10/20 through Friday 8/14/20

Bonus: Included with both packages is a 20-minute one-on-one video conference with you and your home to prepare you in advance for the tidying sessions

Please note:
As of March 2022, the evening tidying sessions will be offered as part of the Night Owl rehab program.  If you're interested in hearing more about Night owl rehab, please email for more information.   
Thank you!

  • Moving dirty dishes from wherever they are and bringing them into the kitchen

  • Picking up stray socks off the floor and putting them in the hamper

  • Compiling stray pieces of paper with important scribbles on them, so they're all in one place

  • Throwing out obvious trash, like used napkins, food wrappers, product packaging we don't need, etc.

  • Light sweeping, vacuuming, or counter-wiping* (*if necessary), but don't be afraid--we will NOT be doing heavy cleaning. Nope, none!!

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