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You've always known you have it in you SOMEWHERE to live radiantly, the way you REALLY are when you're at your best.  When you received your later-in-life diagnosis of ADHD, the head-scratching incongruity of your God-given gifts and cherished aspirations contrasted with your painful, failure-laden track record -- well, it finally made sense!​


A Brilliant Mess

But now what?  How do you pick up the pieces of a life ravaged by executive functioning liabilities you didn't even know you had?  ADHD is genetic; it's not your fault. You can't say you haven't tried  to better yourself -- you've always worked hard at self-improvement.  Sometimes too hard.  And let's face it, sometimes you resent the people around you who seem to succeed with far less effort.


Introducing an experiential online course designed to help adults with ADHD take more ownership of their lives

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Merle Kaplan

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My expertise comes from four arenas: My formal education in psychology, my clinical background in addiction counseling, my study of the Bible and Christian principles, and the wisdom gained by conquering many significant ADHD challenges myself.



Check out my recently published book, co-authored with ADHD expert Peter Jaksa, PhD.

You're sure to love this collection of personal essays and interviews of adults with ADHD, each told completely in their own words.


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